Energy Healing

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Energy healing is a form of traditional healing.  It releases energetic blocks balancing body, mind and spirit .  Energy healing is very relaxing and effective for self healing, self growth and self development. 

As humans, we are part of nature.   Our optimum level of vibration is to resonate with the universe.  When in resonance with the universe, we experience radiant health.  If body and mind vibrate at a level apart from nature, health breaks down. 

Energetic balance is broken by stress.  'Being stressed' is when body and mind loose homeostasis and are unable to return to balance naturally.  When imbalanced, the stage is set for disease of body, mind and spirit.

Energy Healing allows you to experience true balance and wellness.  When balanced, one heals naturally.   True healing comes from within.

In an energy healing session, a seated interview is conducted to establish concerns and goals.  The client then lies comfortably clothed on a massage table.  The room is softly lit.  Music gently plays. An energetic diagnosis is performed to establish a treatment plan.  Single or combined healing modalities are then sensitively and intuitively implemented.   

Healing continues for up to 36 hours.  Proper rest, hydration and mineral salt baths are recommended for best results.