Margaret's Story

My journey into the healing arts began as a stockbroker on Wall Street.   While creating wealth for an elite clientele was very gratifying, life directed my focus inward.  Spurred by the dance between inner and outer worlds, passion and profession became one.

I have learned some invaluable lessons along the way.  Yoga, meditation and energy healing:

  • don't just manage stress; they dissolve it.
  • quiet the thinking mind cultivating the presence of peace.
  • result in infinite bliss; there is no limit as to how good you can feel.
  • don't return you to who you used to be; they help you realize your full potential.

Thousands of years old, they are the original medicine and not complimentary, integrative or alternative.

By request, I am creating The Freedom Series of Guided Meditations. This work represents almost 30 years of my meditation practice and voice training. 

My first audio CD in this series, The Best Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation for Deep Rest and Rejuvenation, is a catalyst to dissolve stress, remove anger, transmute trauma, reduce anxiety, improve sleep and manage pain. It promotes greater intelligence and creativity and leads you towards your highest potential.

Yoga Nidra scientifically integrates all levels of consciousness.  Consciousness training for conscious living, it ignites the fire of willpower through which reality is shaped and destiny fulfilled.

As part of the Integral Yoga and Himalayan Master Tradition, a Professor of Yoga Therapy and Energy Healing at Taksha Univerisity, Founder of the Lalitha Institute and a direct relative of D.D. Palmer, the father of modern Chiropractic Medicine, my roots are deep in the art and science of self-healing, self-transformation and evolution. 

I have used yoga, meditation and energy work to heal myself and countless others.  But don't take my word for it.  They demand to be experienced.

Join me and discover the path to a healthy, peaceful and useful life.