Integrative Health

Health and Wellbeing for Body and Mind

Health and wellness are not just the absence of disease but a s tate of complete physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Traditional healing methods balance the flow of life energy activating one's self-healing potential and promoting optimal health.

Through traditional practices:

  • Boost the immune system and obtain pain relief
  • Reduce stress and experience greater clarity of mind
  • Experience a marked increase in energy and well-being
  • Develop your powers of concentration and positive thinking
  • Treat health problems, ranging from depression and anxiety to insomnia and chronic pain                                                         

It is not the practitioner that heals.  It is not the technique that heals.  It is the life energy that heals. 

Relaxation opens the free flow of life energy restoring balance to body and mind.

"At Lalitha, we believe your health is your wealth."    -Margaret